Perhaps because of his background in journalism and public relations, Dr.
Newbury is a favorite speaker for media groups in general and several writers and broadcasters in particular.

Mike Cochran
, an Associated Press writer, twice has
written Newbury profiles which have appeared in newspapers throughout the United States.

Another writer, the late George Dolan, whose front page column appeared in the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM for more than 25 years, wrote about Newbury hundreds of times, maintaining that the educator/speaker has 'shock value' working for him, because no one expects a college president to be funny. Dolan added:

…He is the master of humor, timing, inspiration and propriety…determined to find healthy humor in at least every other link of human events… His contributions to my column-usually about folks he meets along the way-are the very best… He refuses to take himself too seriously very often…  With both humor and keen observations of life, he leaves his audiences remarkably enriched….

Another newspaper-type endorsing Dr. Newbury is Dick Tarpley, long-time editor of the ABILENE (TX) REPORTER-NEWS, who has heard the speaker comment many times that his goal is to keep his school "in the news and off the front page." Following a Newbury talk, Tarpley said:

…i'm still hearing praises on your speech…
You're one of the few guys I know who can fit humor and inspiration together without missing a point…You've done a great job wherever you've worked, and you've made it seem like fun…I think it has been, and will continue to be….

Zig Ziglar, author of SEE YOU AT THE TOP and numerous other books, is among those who have heard Newbury. DR. ZIGLAR, a renowned motivational speaker of international repute, has said of him:

…A truly remarkable person and educator...  He has a storehouse of knowledge and the communications skills to delight all audiences…  His sense of humor and upbeat attitude are assets to any organization…  His messages span all ages, races and creeds…  Be prepared to be entertained, inspired and informed…

Sharing such opinions is Grant Teaff, Executive Director of the American Football Coaches' Association. During the "glory years" of the Baylor Bears, Teaff twice asked Newbury to speak at football banquets, once following the Bears' first Southwest Conference championship in 50 years. it was "the most fun I've ever had at a banquet," Teaff claims.

Dr. Mamie McCullough, the "I Can" lady who has authored several books and spoken throughout the nation, is a longtime friend of Dr. Newbury. They both claim Howard Payne University as their alma mater, and their speaking trails have crossed many times. Dr. McCullough said:

…Dr. Newbury is as fine a speaker as I've ever heard, with the uncanny ability to interweave inspiration with humor.... Standing ovations are common for him, and his frequent "repeat performances" speak volumes….

Following one of his several addresses for the Sales and Marketing Executives of Dallas, Newbury was lauded by the late Mike Shapiro, long-time general manager of WFAA-TV, who observed:

…You 'done good.' Our Salesmanship Club rarely stands up for a speaker…  Last time we did, he was carrying a flag, and waving it…  To put into words how much i enjoyed your presentation would put an undue strain on the English language!…

Following are random comments following Newbury talks:


"You continue to delight our people. You are always fresh and amusing and we want you back again and again"-EL PASO PRODUCTS COMPANY, Odessa, TX

"You were the highlight of our conference"-CINCOM SYSTEMS,
Cincinnati, OH

"Outstanding; totally enjoyable"-AMERICAN AIRLINES MANAGEMENT CLUB, Fort Worth, TX

"Just what we needed; a memorable time"-MRS. BAIRD'S BAKERY, 75th anniversary celebration, Fort Worth, TX