Book Orders

When the Porch Light's On...Stories of People, Popcorn, and Parasails,

Life by the Seat of the Pants,

A Few Geese Short of a Gaggle (audio format only),

Stories From The Sunny Side...(audio format only)

 Funnier Than Fiction...(audio format only)

A Wheelbarrow Guy in a Digital World...(audio format only)

Honk If You're Sick of Political Ads...(audio format only)

As the World Churns...(audio format only)

Life With IF in the Middle...(audio format only)


These are the titles of Dr. Newbury's nine books offered by Cross Roads Press of Fort Worth, Texas.  The books have been acclaimed in reviews by newspapers across the Lone Star State, where his weekly humor column, The idle American, is now featured weekly in 150 newspapers, mostly in Texas, and is featured on selected radio stations. The column has had national visibility when picked up by news wire services, TV programming and Paul Harvey News.

Readers of his books and his columns--as well as audiences that total more than 5,700 during a career that hit the 50-year mark in 2010--understand why he is called the nation's unstuffiest college president!"  That's the way he's been introduced on hundreds of occasions.

All of his books are available in CD format ("Geese", "Sunny Side,"  "Fiction," "Wheelbarrow," "Honk!," "World Churns" and "Life" in audio only).  The audio books run more than four hours each. Many people know Dr. Newbury best by his speaking voice, so they prefer CD audio versions of his books.

"I'd planned on writing books for several years, but didn't anticipate turning out one annually, but so far, that's the pace," Dr. Newbury laughed, claiming that his first fear was that if readers ever put down his book, they couldn't pick it up!...

if you want to purchase the hardbacks, audio books, or DVD collections of his speeches, contact:

Cross Roads Press
PO Box 2292
Burleson, Texas 76097-2292
Telephone: 817.447.3872 


Charge for individual items is $20.00, plus 8.25 percent sales tax in Texas, plus $3.50 for shipping/handling.  Cash, personal check or money order.  For information on credit card billing, Visa Or MasterCard, inquire at email address shown above.